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Saturday, November 27, 2010

27/11/2010-officially 18!


the pic i loved the most among all..haha..
3 Best Buddies (3B square)..haha

may our friendship will be connected like what in the christmas balls~
no ending point.. ^^

L.Ping & W.Wen
sincerely thank u "girls"..haha
thanks4 "pre-celebrating" my birthday..haha~
1st time 3 of us celebrating my birthday kan? XD
really enjoyed it..
coz im always be like the real ME in front of 2 of you~
no pretending,no "filterations",no "resistance".
i felt so comfort to be myself in front of both of you~
officially i dah 18 ya =)
we are upgrading to "aunty level" soon..haha
im greatful that i met both of u in my life..
especially in high school life...
it would be dim n boring without u guys in high school~
(miss our go bananas moments T^T)
although now v have our own life seperately now...
our friendship will be connected no matter what.. ^.^
glad to have both of you in Kononnya's life~
(still sempat to thank u guys in the last mins of my birthday..haha)

~ 27 ~
2day supposed2 be the day i would be happy ~
coz im officially 18!
no more feeling scare entering cinema watching 18sg movies..HA!
but usually there's sad things happened during this day..
like already few years were ended like that~

it's a tired day~
and i ruined the day myself...
just feel bad 2day~
had some arguments today~
im tired~
and i already tolerate,k~
but still blame this blame that...
sorry la...when im tired,don't ever try to go against my patience...
definitely i will raise my voice and start releasing my high-amplitude sound waves~
im trying to do some solutions
trying to solve the problems faced...
i don't wanna have so many troubles either~
unfortunately,im neither extraordinary nor genius~
still need time to solve problems like NORMAL HUMAN!
although im tired,
im so sorry that i don't have that " multi-purpose" mode in me la...
im sorry that i raise my voice today...
it's just because it's already went over my patience limit...
i am trying~
with my all efforts~~~~

more responsibilities being carried on
more mature thinkings are needed
higher level of patience limit is needed

~ Officially 8-teen ~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seriously realized a lot

tak habis habis main =.=" hahaha...

i like white christmas tree =)

time is passing like shooting stars~
it past very fast~
day by day...
it's already almost a year since i end my high scul life...
Everything is changing in every second..
even ur bulu also growing..haha
if u look back and flashback everything
u will realized~
wah..it's already ....
time past really fast...
my form5 physics teacher
- ms spongebob (tak biasa call her puan still..hahaha)
already wanna transfer to pahang...
she has to "accelerate" in order to kejar her husband....
eventhough tak sampai hati,
eventhough very sad....
at this stage,have to accept it naturally la...
wish her all the best~
farewell =)

2day back2 klcc to work
but not chili's anymore
nearly walked back the "chili's pathway" this morning...
everything really change a lot eventhough it's just a few months...
what u're looking at is kinda different what u're looking when it's few months ago...
sometimes seriously felt like time really passing faster n faster....
everything is changing,
everybody is changing....
including myself too~

im in the process of becoming independent...
i don't really like but have to...
n what happens today really made me realized that
society in malaysia nowadays
is not really like the same what v r having in scul time...
not really harmony pun...
it makes me feel so tak selesa anyway...
human 'grow" as time "grow"~

grow up as the light in future glow~
life is seriously like a battlefield..