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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OH! cacat timetable~


at first,my timetable just nice~
that's wat i want~
yam gong!
never thought that it would change again ==
my ad maths class only 5 little "kitty"
so they CLOSED the class
not fair leh~~~ yerr~
change to the only ad maths class in this sem ==
early morning for the day
would be ADVANCED MATHS class~
terpaksa change my chem class AGAIN!
hey,i prefer chem in the early morning!
coz my chem is bad =(
when chem lecturer ungkit bout it in the class
makes me feel sad n curious y it's like tat =(
gek sam~
luckily got the same lecturer for chem =)
erm..i kinda like her more now coz she's not showing
bad mood face now..haha..
she used to be in bad mood in last sem coz the earliest class
n all blur blur.. xD
hope i won't sleep in her class
coz OH MY GOD!
the "cute" ms LEE(my ex ad maths lecturer)
tundakan my chem class the last
== the sleepiest period..zha dou~
she "expand" my break time pula
gosh~ that 3 hours break time what to do?
she somemore ajak go chat with her in the office
if too free ==
not funny at all~
the worst is im gonna have double maths class continuous again this sem
last sem almost made me condemned
this sem
higher level,tougher
n summo again 2gether~
it really make me feel so awful
felt so headache n kinda like not comfortable
in the 2nd maths class...
it will be continue for like 5 months~
just hope that i can tahan that =)
im done with my "rajuk" stuff..haha~
coz i can't get a better solution for that
so why not adapt better for that
i can do it! =)
do better n gets further =)